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Two new episodes have been posted of The Narrow Mind! http://podcast.unchainedradio.com/


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Mark Dever with 9marks ministries recently interviewed G.K. Beale.  You can listen to the interview here.  Towards the beginning Dever ask him about several books and I thought it may be helpful to have a list of those books with links to them.  The list should include almost all of the books that either Beale or Dever said where worth looking at. Listen to the interview to hear Beale’s comments on each volume.

1. Gheerhardus Vos: Pauline Eschatology

2. Gheerhardus Vos: Biblical Theology

3. Edmund Clowney: Preaching and Biblical Theology, and Preaching Christ in All of Scripture

4. D.A. Carson and Douglas Moo: Intro to the N.T.

5. George Eldon Ladd: A Theology of the N.T.

6 George Eldon Ladd: The Presence of The Future

7.Herman Ridderbos: Paul: An Outline of His Theology

8. Graeme Goldsworthy: Gospel and Kingdom, Preaching The Whole Bible as Christian Scripture, and According to Plan

9. Eugene Merrill: Kingdom of Priest

10.Willem Vangemeran: The Progress of Redemption

11.Vern Poythress: The Shadow of Christ in The Law of Moses

12.N.T. Wright: The Climax of The Covenant, The New Testament and The People of God, Jesus and the Victory of God, and The Resurrection of The Son of God

13. John Sailhamer: Intro to OT Theology, and The Meaning of The Pentatuch

14. Raymond Ortlund: God’s Unfaithful Wife

15. Sidney Greidanus: Preaching Christ From The OT, and The Modern Preacher and The Ancient Text

16. Vaughn Roberts: God’s Big Picture

17. Charles Scobie: The Ways of Our God

18. I. Howard Marshall: New Testament Theology

19. Frank Theilman: Theology of the N.T.

20. Allen P. Ross: Recalling the Hope of Glory, and Creation and Blessing

21. Christopher Wright: The Mission of God

22. Dennis Johnson: Him We Proclaim

23. Bruce Waltke: An O.T. Theology

24. Thomas Schreiner: N.T. Theology

25. Andreas Koestenberger: The Cradle, The Cross, and The Crown

26. Jim Hamilton: God’s Glory in Salvation Through Judgement

See also G.K. Beale’s Books and Mark Dever’s Books

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The guys at Reformed Forum have available a helpful podcast looking at the history of credo-baptist or baptism of believers alone.  The podcast looks at the Anabaptist, General Baptist, and the Particular Baptist showing the differences between the three and how you can’t lump all baptist today into the Anabaptist category. They interview James Dolezal who makes a strong argument for baptism of disciples alone from a covenantal reading of the scriptures.  He also makes a helpful distinction on what God is saying in baptism and what man is saying in baptism.  I commend the listening of this podcast to all who believe Christians should be baptized.

Listen here

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Ferguson, Sinclair B.: A Heart For God
This was a great book looking at God and many of His attributes. The book was not a systematic study of His attributes like reading a systematic theology. Every chapter more or less took a section of a book of the Bible or a whole book of the Bible and exposited its teachings on who God is. For someone who may be turned off from using theological terms and reading systematic theology this book would suit them well. I am not against the use of theological terms to describe God, but Ferguson uses biblical language throughout which can be helpful for understanding as well. He argues convincingly that knowing God is one of the most important task for Christians. And then spends the rest of the book helping us to learn about God and then concludes with exhortation to remember the Lord we have just learned about for the rest of our lives. This book would be a helpful introduction for someone starting a study of the attributes of God as well as a great devotional read for a long time Christian.
Publisher: Banner of Truth
Pages: 128
Boards: Paperback
Binding: Glue
Year: 2008 (first published 1987)

$5.95 at WTS Books

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The Christ on Campus Initiative (CCI) is a ministry created for the purpose of preparing and circulating literature for college and university students, addressing an array of important intellectual and practical issues from an evangelical Christian perspective. This initiative is made possible by generous support from the Carl F. H. Henry Center for Theological Understanding (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield, IL) and the MAC foundation (Fort Collins, CO). The editorial team, led by D.A. Carson, commissions top evangelical scholars to oversee the creation and distribution of a variety of resources for university students. The goal of these resources is that they be intellectually rigorous, culturally relevant, persuasive in argument and faithful to historic, evangelical Christianity.

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The Albert Mohler program discusses this topic on the show Should We be Patriots in the Pew?

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This is one of the best videos I have watched in awhile, enjoy.



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