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Bro. Matt has developed a new website that has his sermons and links to his blogs, be sure to check it out and listen to some sermons.  www.matt-perry.net

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I was going through some old handouts that the old directors of Campus Crusade for Christ at Eastern Kentucky Unversity gave to a group of us they were training to teach Bible studies.  I came upon a couple articles that were a good reminder to me about what my ministry with CRU and at church should be focused on, Christ.  It seems so simple but is that really the message of our ministry.

In and article “Thoughts on Christ Centered Ministry” by Rick Howe he says

I. The Key Question

What is the “sub-text” of our ministries? That is, when are around us, our weekly meetings, our small groups, our conferences and projects, etc. what is the subtle, yet clearly heard message beneath our outward messages?

This message can often be some like: “Aren’t I great?” or “Aren’t we great?” or “Don’t we do things great around here?” (Tim Keller, Redeemer Press)

We need to strive to make the main text and the sub-text of our ministries: “Isn’t Christ great?”

If we do not purposefully seek to keep Christ in the center of our ministry, something else will be there- small groups, evangelism, target areas, you name it.

In fact, I think the number one question every CD(campus director) should ask himself, all the time, every day, is “what is the sub-text of my ministry? Are people walking away thinking “Isn’t Christ great!”

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The unashamed workman has started a new series of having preachers answering 10 questions the first one was Tim Keller, and it seems to be a promising series.

(HT: Matt Perry)

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