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The Christ on Campus Initiative (CCI) is a ministry created for the purpose of preparing and circulating literature for college and university students, addressing an array of important intellectual and practical issues from an evangelical Christian perspective. This initiative is made possible by generous support from the Carl F. H. Henry Center for Theological Understanding (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield, IL) and the MAC foundation (Fort Collins, CO). The editorial team, led by D.A. Carson, commissions top evangelical scholars to oversee the creation and distribution of a variety of resources for university students. The goal of these resources is that they be intellectually rigorous, culturally relevant, persuasive in argument and faithful to historic, evangelical Christianity.

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I was going through some old handouts that the old directors of Campus Crusade for Christ at Eastern Kentucky Unversity gave to a group of us they were training to teach Bible studies.  I came upon a couple articles that were a good reminder to me about what my ministry with CRU and at church should be focused on, Christ.  It seems so simple but is that really the message of our ministry.

In and article “Thoughts on Christ Centered Ministry” by Rick Howe he says

I. The Key Question

What is the “sub-text” of our ministries? That is, when are around us, our weekly meetings, our small groups, our conferences and projects, etc. what is the subtle, yet clearly heard message beneath our outward messages?

This message can often be some like: “Aren’t I great?” or “Aren’t we great?” or “Don’t we do things great around here?” (Tim Keller, Redeemer Press)

We need to strive to make the main text and the sub-text of our ministries: “Isn’t Christ great?”

If we do not purposefully seek to keep Christ in the center of our ministry, something else will be there- small groups, evangelism, target areas, you name it.

In fact, I think the number one question every CD(campus director) should ask himself, all the time, every day, is “what is the sub-text of my ministry? Are people walking away thinking “Isn’t Christ great!”

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     The group over at New Attitude has written a solid post on the local church. It was written by Ricky Alcantar and is entitled, “Christian, Meet the Local Church.” (How fitting a title for the state of our generation). In the opening paragraph he writes,

In our generation the local church needs an introduction.

The local church is often seen as optional, it’s no longer assumed. It’s more irrelevant than important. It’s a nice accessory for your Christian walk but if you can’t find one…there are more than enough campus ministries, bible studies, breakfasts, or prayer meetings to try.

     This paragraph perfectly reflects the attitude of our generation. As I interact with people on campus, and even in the campus ministry that I’m a part of, I can see such an apathetic attitude towards the importance of the local church in our lives as Christians. Although I am encouraged by the number of college students that really are seeking to serve in and be fed by a local body of believers; it’s such a sanctifying thing when a group of believers are truly seeking the Lord through the main avenue which God intends for us to grow: the local church.

     I want to echo Na and recommend that you listen to Mark Dever’s talk on the importance of the local church. Another great talk from one of the many Na Conferences is Bill Kitrell’s talk, “Compelling Reasons to Take the Gospel to the Campus.” In this talk, Bill Kitrell outlines how the concept of a campus ministry and a local church is not a “pick one or the other” deal but rather they can work together for the glory of God. You can download the message for free here. You can read the post in full and check out Dever’s message here.

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I want to recommend Albert Mohler’s latest radio show as he discusses a new study that shows a high number of young adults quit going to church when they go away to college.  This was of paticular intrest to me as a college student who still goes to church to think about reason my peers may not and how the church and its members may do better to keep youngins coming.  Check it out here . 

The show as described on the website is “A newly released study from Lifeway Research suggests that a remarkably high number of young adults leave the church when they leave home for college. This raises a number of questions about how churches should view their ministry to children and adolescents.”

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Thabiti Anyabwile writes an excelent article giving tips for Christians heading to college.  I thought there was some really good advice.  Check it out here

Find and Join a Good Church

 “This is task number one. In fact, if there’s opportunity to influence the list of prospective students, it’s wise to first pick the cities with strong churches and then consider schools nearby. Why should someone neglect their spiritual lives for four or more years simply because they’re going to college? Many don’t intend to inflict such neglect on themselves, but that’s what happens when they head off to college with no idea where they will receive regular instruction from the Word, spiritual care and fellowship.

A good church is one where the exposition of the Scripture is central to the preaching and the life of the congregation. (Boones Creek Baptist Church– my insert)It’s a place where membership is practiced; that is, where pastors take seriously their responsibility for overseeing souls in their care and members submit to that care and care for each other, in part, by officially joining the church.”

Read the rest here

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Dorm Life

How would you college students that live in dorms like this?  The University of Iowa has installed washers systems that email you when your cycle is finished.  “We’re hoping with the notification that your clothes are done, people will get down there and remove their clothes more quickly,” said Kate Fitzgerald, the assistant director for Iowa’s residence life.  I don’t know what to think about this, seems like a lot of money for something like that, but kinda neat and interesting.  What do you think?  Read the article here

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