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The guys at Reformed Forum have available a helpful podcast looking at the history of credo-baptist or baptism of believers alone.  The podcast looks at the Anabaptist, General Baptist, and the Particular Baptist showing the differences between the three and how you can’t lump all baptist today into the Anabaptist category. They interview James Dolezal who makes a strong argument for baptism of disciples alone from a covenantal reading of the scriptures.  He also makes a helpful distinction on what God is saying in baptism and what man is saying in baptism.  I commend the listening of this podcast to all who believe Christians should be baptized.

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You’re an Expository Preacher? Ohhh!  Bro. Matt Perry begins posting on reason why pastors should preach expostionally.  Has interesting story starting it off, then leads into 10 reasons to preach expositionally.

After Bro. Matt has convinced you that expository preaching is necassary you can find out how one goes about this.  Pastor Steve Weaver has a series on how he prepares and preaches an expository sermon here.

 West Coast Revival is a band that formed out of a Soveriegn Grace Church in california.  I have two of their songs on my I-Tunes and they are good.  After reading an interview from the New Attitude blog I am definetly thinking about picking up their new full length album that is out.  I would keep an eye out for this band, it seem they are going to continue to produce some Biblically sound music.  Check out the interview here and their website here.

Justin Taylor gives an update on Dr. Mohler here.  Continue to pray for Dr. Mohler

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Lig Duncan at T4G has posted and excelent blog about preparing ourselves for puplic worship.  I believe we can learn from the puritans on this subject.  I found this post very convicting.  Check it out here

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