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Alcorn, Randy: The Treasure Principle (G) (93pgs) Paperback LifeWay Press (2005), glue binding  Went through this book the lifeway edition which comes with a study guide with a small group from church.  I enjoyed the book.  I think the main thing that hit me throughout was that “God owns everything, and I am his money manager”.  That fact for me helps answer a lot of questions.  I would recommend this book.  I also really appreciate the eternal perspective that Alcorn has in his writings.

George, Robert P. and Christopher Tollefsen: Embryo: A Defense of Human Life (217pgs)(G)  This is a great book for understanding the current debates involved with embryonic stem cell research.  I hope this book receive a wide reading.  I first became interested when I listen to a lecture Robert George gave at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary on this topic.  This book is not overly technical, there are some difficult portions that one may need to read more than once but for the most part anyone could read this book and come away with a good understanding of what is at stake in this debate.  The book was very convincing that all human beings are persons worthy of basic rights and all embryos are human beings from the time of fertilization.  It deals with a lot of the tough questions.  I would recommend this book for anyone interested or involved in the pro-life movement.  Also those considering IVF there are some things you will want to consider when fertilizing eggs and deciding what to have implanted.  Overall, this book was very helpful.

Horton, Michael: Christless Christianity: The Alternative Gospel of the American Church (259pgs) (G)  This was very helpful book is showing what God grace to sinners really can mean and how refreshing it can be.  It shows how across the board, liberals and conservatives have been neglecting delivering the Gospel in their churches on the Lord’s Day.  It shows how much of what is preached is bad because of a confusion between the law and the Gospel, imperatives(things to do) and indicatives(facts to believe).  It shows the good that many want to serve their neighbors, but the problem of how they long to see this done.  It shows that cultures can be changed not by forming programs that directly address the certain problems in culture but by a proper feeding of the sheep on Sunday where they in turn can serve their neighbors and share the gospel, and change culture in their vocations activities throughout the week.  There is a lot packed into this book and I would recommend it for all Christians and I think it would be especially helpful for all pastors and those in the ministry to read.  There are some difficult terms that all may not be familiar with but for the most part I think he does a good job of explaining what he means.

Horton, Michael: The Gospel Driven Life: Being Good News People in a Bad News World (G)(266pgs)

Lawson, Steven J.: Foundations of Grace 1400 BC – AD 100; A Long Line of Godly Men Volume One (564pgs)(G)  This book accomplish was it sets out to do very well.  It shows that all the biblical authors believed and taught the doctrines of grace or Calvinism and in doing this shows that the inspired word of God teaches what is called Calvinism.  This is a great book for understanding what the bible teaches on these doctrines.  It is a little lengthy but necessary to cover the vast amount of text that teach on God’s sovereignty in salvation.  The book also talks about passages that teach God’s sovereignty in general and the doctrine of reprobation or the opposite side of election, those God passes over.

Mahaney, C.J.: Why Small Groups? Together Toward Maturity (113pgs)(G)  This was formative in helping me understand the importance of small groups for a church.  There is also a lot of great material for leaders and those in the group on their roles.  I feel like they slightly presented small groups as a must have for a church as the only way to really fulfill some scriptural commands and I don’t think I’m quite as gun hoe about them as the authors.  I do though feel more convinced of the good that can happen with them.  I would definitely recommend this book for those looking to implement a small groups ministry or wanting to improve an existing one.  I was pleased to see the last chapter emphasize the importance of the groups working towards growing the local church and not just becoming some parachurch organization.  I would like to see an emphasis on daily family worship a God given small group and hope that a small group would not take fathers away from leading worship in their families.  Overall good book.

Mahaney, C.J.: Humility True Greatness (173) (G) This was a good book.  A largely practical book, the first little bit goes through what biblical humility is, then proceeds with practical ways to kill pride and cultivate humility.  Much of the advice is great for the subject of killing sin, which pride is at the root of most all of our sin.  I have not been disappointed by C.J. yet in the 3 or 4 books of his I have read, he consistently takes you back to the gospel and shows how this motivates true greatness or humility.

Marcellino, Jerry : Rediscovering The Lost Treasure Of Family Worship (25pgs) (G)  A small and good argument for the importance of family worship.

Murray, John: Redeption Accomplished and Applied (181pgs)(G)  This was a great book not a super easy book but one that deserves a re-read in my opinion.  It clarifies a lot and really makes more clear what exactly happen on the cross and what that means to believers.  I would recommend this book, but take your time and soak it in, there where quite a few words I didn’t know but it didn’t hinder my reading, I only had to look up a few.

Pink, A.W. : The Attributes of God (G)(117pgs)  After finishing this book I now have a new book to add to my list of favorites.  So much valuable material is presented in this small volume.  Pink does not waste anytime shattering the view of a small God presented in so much of the preaching today in America.  The first chapter is on the “Solitariness of God”.  Pink states “During a past eternity, God was alone: self-contained, self-sufficient, self-satisfied; in need of nothing” and “that he did create was simply for his manifestative glory.”  Simply put God doesn’t need us, nothing he created added anything to him.  This is humbling and opens the eyes to see how great the love of our God that he has revealed himself to us, and sent his Son to redeem the elect.  Pink shows this later in the book in describing God’s patience, mercy, and grace.  Pink also destroys the typical view of God’s wrath, not neglecting how terrible this is for the reprobate, he shows how for the elect even God’s wrath is merciful.  “Even the casting of the reprobate into the Lake of Fire is an act of mercy… But from the standpoint of the redeemed the punishment of the wicked is an act of unspeakable mercy. How dreadful would it be if the present order of things, when the children of God are obliged to live in the midst of the children of the Devil, should continue forever! Heaven would at once cease to be heaven if the ears of the saints still heard the blasphemous and filthy language of the reprobate. What mercy that in the New Jerusalem “there shall in nowise enter into it any thing that defileth, neither worketh abomination” (Rev. 21:27)!” –Pink  READ THIS BOOK! http://www.wtsbooks.com/product-exec/product_id/4886/nm/The+Attributes+of+God+(Paperback)/?utm_source=kclayton&utm_medium=kclayton

Pratt, Richard L. Jr.: Every Thought Captive: A Study Manual for the Defense of Christian Truth(142pgs)(G)

Prime, Samuel: The Power Of Prayer The New York Revival Of 1858 (260pgs) (G)

Ramsey, Dave: Financial Peace Revisited (314pgs)(G)  This book helped me get a better grasp on money and how to plan for the future.  I can see how this book would be very helpful to many.  I am glad that I read it early in my marriage and will use its advice to help us make wise financial decisions.

Robertson, O. Palmer: Jonah A Study in Compassion (64pgs)(G)

Thomas, Geoffrey: Reading The Bible (24pgs)(G)  This was a very short but helpful and spurring guide to the importance of reading your Bible with some helpful tips and some recommended resources to help you in your reading.

Wilcox Thomas: A Choice Drop of Honey From The Rock of Christ (30pgs)(G)  This is a small tract published by Chapel Library and can be obtained free of charge from www.mountaion.org.  This was a great gospel centered tract that just hammers on the point of looking to Christ for the assurance of your salvation and encourages to look at our justification before we look at our sanctification.  It is encouraging and shows the power of the Cross is mean for those who are sinners and weak.  A good quote from the book is “If you believe, you must every day renounce as dung and dross (Phil.3:7,8), your privileges, your obedience, your baptism, your sanctification, your duties, your graces, your tears, your meltings, your humbling; and nothing but Christ must be held up.  Every day your workings, your self-sufficiency, must be destroyed.”

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Please pray for this ministry and consider helping if you are bi-lingual.  Watch the promo here.




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When you think about it, do you know God for who He really is?  We were created to know and Glorify Him forever.  This isn’t a “knowing” that is just surface level, it’s not a knowing that is an acquaintance.  This knowing is so much more than that.  It’s a knowing of awe, admiration, wonder and an intimacy with Him.  You might ask then “How do I truly know Him?”  Well I’m going to try and give 3 practical way to do this.

  1. Pray– Prayer is talking with God, by doing this you will come to truly know God for who He is.  We were given the ability to do this by the Holy Spirit through Jesus Christ, we don’t need anyone to talk to God for us, we can go straight to Him.  Just like when you talk to your friends now, you get to know more and more about them by talking to them.  So do the same thing with your Heavenly Father.
  2. Read His Word– He gave the Bible to us to read and learn more about Him.  Every page is filled with who He is and what He has done.  I really encourage you to read through the whole Bible in a year to see how God is working in the Old Testament to the New Testament as one complete story.  There are many plans that people have set up to help you accomplish this goal.  The ESV has one where you read the OT once, the Psalms twice, and the NT twice, in a year, check that out here.  Also there are other great resources that can help you understand the storyline of the Old and New Testament together, one would be God’s Big Pictureby Vaughan Roberts.  I would highly recommend The Message of the Old Testament together with The Message of the New Testament by Mark Dever.
  3. Study the Attributes – Studying the attributes of God is a great way to get to know Him.  How can you do this?  You can pick up many books written about the attributes of God but I’ll suggest a couple: The Attributes of God by A.W. Pink, Knowing God by J.I. Packer.  Or just pick up a good Systematic Theology and look under The Doctrine of God section.  The men that have written these books have one thing in mind and that is for you to know God.

I hope that if you find yourself wondering who God is that you will make and effort to Pray, Read His Word, and Study His Attributes so you can know Him more.  Yes we cannot fully comprehend who God is nor will we ever be able, but don’t you want to know Him as much as your mind can comprehend now?  I do and I pray that you do too.

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Timmy Brister post a quote from Martin Lloyd-Jones encouraging church members to read Jonathan Edwards that says

“My advice to you is: Read Jonathan Edwards. Stop going to so many meetings; stop craving for the various forms of entertainment which are so popular in evangelical circles at the present time. Learn to stay at home. Learn to read again, and do not merely read the exciting stories of certain modern people. Go back to something solid and deep and real. Are we losing the art of reading? Revivals have often started as the result of people reading volumes such as these two volumes of Edwards’ works. So read this man. Decide to do so. Read his sermons; read his practical treatises, and then go on to the great discourses on theological subjects. But above all, let all of us, preachers and listeners, having read this man, try to capture and to lay hold upon his greatest emphasis of all – the glory of God.”

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Challies bloged today on 10 tips to read more and read better check it out here.

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Westminster Bookstore is having an awesome Inventory Reduction Sale so take advantage of it.  Just click the link it will take you straight to the books that are on sale.  John Piper’s, “What Jesus Demands from the World” is $8.60, come on, got to pick that up and make your faith grow, as well as that library you have sittin at home or in your dorm room.  Interested in Divine Election? Pick up Sam Storms book, “Chosen for Life: The Case for Divine Election.”  How do we learn more about our God and fill our hearts with His passion and His love?  We have to read!  Mainly His inspired, infallible Word.  Al Mohler says, “Devotional reading for spiritual profit is an important part of the day, and that begins with the reading of Scripture.”  But we must also take advantage of these great preachers and writers of today that God has given a great gift.  Praise God for them. 

I am also including a link to Dr. Al Mohler’s blog from today.  In this article he not only talks about his absolute nerdiness in high school, (taking books to read during atheletic events), but he gives great suggestions on how to get disciplined in reading.  I’ve found that very helpful for me in the past and continue to follow his suggestions today.  So check that out here.

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Albert Mohler post on David McCullough address at the 2003 Jefferson Lecture.  If you have a love for History and Reading check it out.

Mohlers Post

Jefferson Lecture Text/Audio

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Joshua Sowin the website manager of DesiringGod.org interviewed Tony Reinke of The Shepards Scrapbook about reading, very interesting, for me at least.  Check it out here.

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Good interview, find out what Justin Taylor has to say about reading here

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Check these out

Albert Mohler blogs on reading here

Will it blend?, you will enjoy watching objects such as i-pods being blended. (HT: Tim Challies)

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