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There is going to be a conference this November held to discuss the Southern Baptist and Calvinism at Ridgecrest NC, be sure to check out the details.  Building Bridges: Southern Baptist and Calvinism hosted by Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and the Founders Ministries

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     Here in a few days, I will be attending the New Attitude Conference in Louisville. Over that past week as I’ve been thinking about the conference coming up and about some other plans that I have for the summer, I began to think on my approach to these sorts of things.

     All through high school I attended church camps, mission trips, weekend retreats, and all that fun stuff. But, looking back on all those things, I approached them all wrong. So many times, we go into a conference or mission trip thinking that it’s going to be that extra boost that we need in our spiritual lives. We have this mindset that altough we may have been significantly struggling in previous weeks, this event was going to be just what we needed to get us going again. Please hear what I’m not saying; I’m not saying that it’s wrong to come out of a retreat or conference and be more motivated in your walk with the Lord. I think that type of response is very common; spending a few focused days with other believers under the teaching of God’s Word can be a rich experience that has a fruitful outcome. But, what I am saying is that we shouldn’t look to events to fuel our spiritual lives.

     The Christian life is not lived from conference to conference or from mission trip to mission trip, and annual events and conferences aren’t the fuel of our walk with God.  The Christian life is lived one day at a time, and the Holy Spirit is our fuel. Just think of how much more fruitful these retreats and trips could be if we would be consistently pursuing the Lord beforehand. We need to come worshipping, instead of coming to worship (Giglio, The Air I Breathe). May God lead us by His Spirit daily, and may He use these types of events to grow us spiritually for His glory.

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