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Watch this video of R.C. Sproul interviewing Ben stein about his new film about intelligent designed being silenced in our education systems.  Some very good things said in it.  Also be sure to check out Al Mohlers blog on what is being called “Explaining Religion” an attemt by scientist to figure out why people believe in God biologically.


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Albert Mohler recently devoted an episode of his radio program to understanding Joel osteen’s minstry. I think this is very important for people to hear because of the vast amount of people who are attending his church, reading his books, and watching or listening to his sermons. I believe Osteen has a very dangerous message that is not the Gospel taught in the Bible that Jesus Christ came and died on a cross taking on God’s wrath and then raising in 3 days so that all sinners(Romans 3:23) who repent of their sin and have faith in Christ’ death as an atonement for their sin, shall have his righteousness counted(2 Corinthians 5:21) to them and raise again(1 Corinthians 15) at Christ return and not perish but have eternal life.(John 3:16).

Please listen to this Taking The Measure of Joel Osteen

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Westminster Bookstore is having an awesome Inventory Reduction Sale so take advantage of it.  Just click the link it will take you straight to the books that are on sale.  John Piper’s, “What Jesus Demands from the World” is $8.60, come on, got to pick that up and make your faith grow, as well as that library you have sittin at home or in your dorm room.  Interested in Divine Election? Pick up Sam Storms book, “Chosen for Life: The Case for Divine Election.”  How do we learn more about our God and fill our hearts with His passion and His love?  We have to read!  Mainly His inspired, infallible Word.  Al Mohler says, “Devotional reading for spiritual profit is an important part of the day, and that begins with the reading of Scripture.”  But we must also take advantage of these great preachers and writers of today that God has given a great gift.  Praise God for them. 

I am also including a link to Dr. Al Mohler’s blog from today.  In this article he not only talks about his absolute nerdiness in high school, (taking books to read during atheletic events), but he gives great suggestions on how to get disciplined in reading.  I’ve found that very helpful for me in the past and continue to follow his suggestions today.  So check that out here.

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I want to recommend Albert Mohler’s latest radio show as he discusses a new study that shows a high number of young adults quit going to church when they go away to college.  This was of paticular intrest to me as a college student who still goes to church to think about reason my peers may not and how the church and its members may do better to keep youngins coming.  Check it out here . 

The show as described on the website is “A newly released study from Lifeway Research suggests that a remarkably high number of young adults leave the church when they leave home for college. This raises a number of questions about how churches should view their ministry to children and adolescents.”

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