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My two and half year old daughter quite enjoyed this book so based upon that I would give it 5 stars but as a father I need to be more discerning that just whatever my children enjoy. I have a 2 year and a 4 month old daughters so I am on the look for solid christian books especially for very young at this time. This book would definitely be suitable for 2-3 year olds to have read to them. I was very excited to see that the good book co. was starting a childrens book line and look forward to seeing what else they come out with. So here are my thoughts on “Alby’s Amazing Book” by Catalina Echeverri.

The good:

The illustrations are great, very colorful and great for the kids but also have a lot of details to be appreciated by all. They include text of the scripture in the pictures which are the bible story shown in the picture which was a neat aspect. I much enjoyed the illustrations as well as my daughter. Also I was pleased that there were no images of Jesus Christ.  I am not sure if this will continue with the Good book Co. children’s literature but it was nice for one who believes 2nd commandment doesn’t allow for images of Christ.

The book shows the importance of the scriptures and that it is not just a boring book, but full of great stories of God working in this world. This hopefully will encourage children to want to read the bible more with their parents and long to learn those stories.

The text is short and and easily keeps the attention of very young children.  There are not a lot of good christian books that are aimed at children 2 and under like this so it is much needed.


The book implies that the bible is a love letter to an individual in this case Alby.  While the bible speaks to individuals and their needs, it should be read looking for Christ and what God has done for us through Him primarily and as a book for the church.  This is somewhat nit picking because the book does show importance of scripture which is admirable, but Good Book Co. could improve as they produce more.

The text on some pages was very difficult to read because it is so small and the color of text blended into the illustration.  This made it difficult to read to my daughter and show her pictures at same time.

While the illustrations were great the picture of Adam and Eve was one like I had not seen before.  While the image was not unbilical it might have benefited from increased leafs.


Keep and eye on Good Book Co. childrens imprint and hopefully we will more great illustrations from  Catalina Echeverri.



This book was provided from the publisher in exchange for review which was not required to be positive.


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This is the place I believe to begin reading John Owen.  For those interested in reading Owen there are several edited works of his by Banner of Truth publishing and crossway publishing but I would still recommend starting here with Ryan McGraw’s “Foundations of Communion With God: The Trinitarian Piety of John Owen”.  You will not have read an entire John Owen book, but you will be introduced to the man and get 41 golden nuggets of readings from his works.


The book contains and introduction bio on Owen that is really and simple yet highly interesting read.  Then you have 41 readings divided into 3 sections; 1. Knowing God as Triune, 2: Heavenly Mindedness and Apostasy 3. Covenant and church.  The book then ends with some appendixes dealing with reading John Owen.  It comes in at just 147 pages, which makes this book so accessible for many who would never read Owen otherwise.


The Good:

The book is divided into 41 short readings in addition to the bio.  This makes it very readable.  I would recommend reading one chapter a day and maybe more than once.  There is so much to chew on in just a couple of pages of Owen which is about the size of each chapter, so one could read and think deeply about it.

The book also shows a lot of what Owen had to say on public worship of the Triune God.  I had heard quite a bit about Owen on killing sin but to read him on the ordinary means of grace was especially encouraging.  This book will encourage you to kill sin and commune with the triune God through due use of the ordinary means of grace.  It will encourage you as you struggle through waking up early and trying to get kids ready for church each Lord’s Day as you are reminded of who you worship and the benefits of it.

This book will likely cause you to want to read more Owen and thankful the Editor has a nice appendix with helpful tips on reading Owen which includes recommend places to start and progress.


The Bad:

Owen is hard to read! This is no surprise to those who have attempted to read the man.  The book makes him accessible to  many but I found myself still having to stop and go back and reread as I lost track.  This does not mean the material was less than rich but it must be worked for.


I really enjoyed this book and getting to take in more Owen on a variety of subjects.  I also found of great interest the bio and the relation of Owen to Goodwin and others that I had not realized.   I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in John Owen.


Publisher: Reformation Heritage Books

Series: Profiles In Reformed Spirituality

Year: 2014

Pages: 147

Boards: Paperback

Binding: glue

Footnotes or endnotes: footnotes

Subject index: no

scripture index: no

person index: no

WTSBooks: $9.00

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Is the devil at work here in 2014? Do Christians need to be on guard against the devils schemes?  The answer to these questions is a resounding yes in the new book by Brian Borgman and Rob Ventura. In this new and highly praised book the authors approach questions of spiritual warfare as the title suggest in a biblical and balanced perspective.  The authors show the real and present danger of the Devil and his demons without sensationalizing the topic.  In fact the book constantly points us to Christ and his person and work for us, not speculating on abstract ideas about the devil.  I believe this book is a great introduction on the subject as it comes in at just 124 pages it is very accessible to a wide audience.  It is a 124 pages of reading well worth ones time.

If you are looking for a lot of answers to questions about the devil and demons and want to speculate on a wide variety of questions this is not your book.  You will find in this book though biblical principles to fighting the devil and standing against him as a Christian in your daily life.  The book is essentially an exposition of Ephesians 6:10-20.  The book works through each piece of the armor we are to wear and the sword we are to wield.  Each piece is describe and what it would of looked like on soldiers in the time period and how it is a metaphor for spiritual warfare.  The books greatest strength I believe is that it constantly points us to Christ and our union with him throughout the description of how to use the armor.  The book does contain 3 appendixes than do answer some question not addressed specifically in Ephesians 6.

The book finishes by showing how all of the armor of God is to be used through prayer.  This is a powerful chapter showing the importance of prayer in the believers life.

A quote to wet your appetite to read this book comes from page 86 “ Corporate worship is not just a time to express emotion or to practice our singing; it is a time for warfare.  When we sing God’s truth, when we sing Scripture, we are wielding the sword of the Spirit in a mighty way in worship and praise.”

I really had no issues with the book and would recommend it to anyone interested in this subject.  Also I would recommend listening to the authors interviewed on the Confessing Baptist Podcast Interview #40

Year: 2014

Publisher: Reformation Heritage Books

Pages: 124

Boards: Paperback

Binding: Glue

Scripture Index: No

Subject Index: No

Person Index: No

Footnotes or Endnotes: Footnotes

Forward: Steven J. Lawson

Endorsements By: Voddie Baucham Jr., Thomas R. Schreiner, Peter O’Brien (note that on wtsbooks.com there are more endorsements given that are not on the hardcopy of book by Carl Trueman, Stanley Gale, Bruce Ware, Bruce Ray, Joel Beeke, Paul Washer, Phil Johnson, David Murray, and Al Martin)

Buy Here: WTSbooks $ 9.75

I received a free review copy of this book from Reformation Heritage Books and was not required to give a positive review.

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Mark Dever with 9marks ministries recently interviewed G.K. Beale.  You can listen to the interview here.  Towards the beginning Dever ask him about several books and I thought it may be helpful to have a list of those books with links to them.  The list should include almost all of the books that either Beale or Dever said where worth looking at. Listen to the interview to hear Beale’s comments on each volume.

1. Gheerhardus Vos: Pauline Eschatology

2. Gheerhardus Vos: Biblical Theology

3. Edmund Clowney: Preaching and Biblical Theology, and Preaching Christ in All of Scripture

4. D.A. Carson and Douglas Moo: Intro to the N.T.

5. George Eldon Ladd: A Theology of the N.T.

6 George Eldon Ladd: The Presence of The Future

7.Herman Ridderbos: Paul: An Outline of His Theology

8. Graeme Goldsworthy: Gospel and Kingdom, Preaching The Whole Bible as Christian Scripture, and According to Plan

9. Eugene Merrill: Kingdom of Priest

10.Willem Vangemeran: The Progress of Redemption

11.Vern Poythress: The Shadow of Christ in The Law of Moses

12.N.T. Wright: The Climax of The Covenant, The New Testament and The People of God, Jesus and the Victory of God, and The Resurrection of The Son of God

13. John Sailhamer: Intro to OT Theology, and The Meaning of The Pentatuch

14. Raymond Ortlund: God’s Unfaithful Wife

15. Sidney Greidanus: Preaching Christ From The OT, and The Modern Preacher and The Ancient Text

16. Vaughn Roberts: God’s Big Picture

17. Charles Scobie: The Ways of Our God

18. I. Howard Marshall: New Testament Theology

19. Frank Theilman: Theology of the N.T.

20. Allen P. Ross: Recalling the Hope of Glory, and Creation and Blessing

21. Christopher Wright: The Mission of God

22. Dennis Johnson: Him We Proclaim

23. Bruce Waltke: An O.T. Theology

24. Thomas Schreiner: N.T. Theology

25. Andreas Koestenberger: The Cradle, The Cross, and The Crown

26. Jim Hamilton: God’s Glory in Salvation Through Judgement

See also G.K. Beale’s Books and Mark Dever’s Books

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Him we proclaim comes from Colossians 1:27-28.  This book teaches the reader why and how to see and preach Christ from all of scripture.  Reading this as one who is not a preacher I had slightly different motives than most who will probably read it, but I am glad that I did.  This book would be helpful for pastors to read but it is not beyond those in the pew, and the content is definitely for those in the pews as well.  If pastors are to preach Christ from all of scripture, we out to be hearing Christ preached week in and week out.  This book will help you know if you are preaching Christ and if you are hearing Christ preached.  The book has two main parts the first is defending the case for apostolic christocentric preaching and the second is showing the how it was done by the apostles and how it is done today.  The book can get tough a bit for one like me who is a man in the pew, but is also rewarding getting a better idea of what I should look for in a sermon and appreciation for good sermons and the time it takes a preacher to prepare.  Most of all this book helps you to see Christ in the whole story of the Bible and just how great a Savior He is.

Year: 2007

Publisher: P and R

Pages: 494

Binding: Glue

Boards: paperback

Scripture Index: Yes

Person Index: Yes

Subject Index: Yes

Bibliography: Yes

Recommended Reading List: Yes

Buy Here: WTSBooks $16.25

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Leeman, Jonathan: Reverberation: How God’s Word Brings Light, Freedom, and Action to His People with forward by Matt Chandler

I would say this is the best book I have read all year, but it is only the second book I have read in 2012 so I will say it is in the top 3 best books I read in 2011 and would be high in my ranking of importance for all books I have read.  When Thabiti Anyabwile says in his endorsement “Put this book into the hands of any Christian you wish to give a revolutionizing appreciation of God’s Word in the local church” he hit the nail right on the head.  This book will revolutionize your thinking about God’s word, by that I would include all of God’s word spoken in history that brought creation into existence, written in the bible, and Jesus Christ who is the word.  This book will also give you a greater appreciation for God’s word reverberated through the pastors’ preaching and Christians sharing the word with others.  This book comes in at just under 200 pages, but pack a real punch that will give depth to any motivated reader’s theology.


Leeman divides the book into three main parts first “the word”, second “the sermon”, and thirdly “the reverberation”. In the first he convincingly forms a theology of the word of God that is not mainly concerned with the questions of scriptures inerrancy, infallibility, or  historical reliability, although these are assumed.  This book deals more with what may fall under the sufficiency of scripture. What is an absolute necessity for a church’s growth, Leeman argues it is the word of God.  The second part talks about the method of presenting this word, he argues that God gives us his word in the bible and that we hear God’s word through the faithful preaching of it.  He helpfully discusses how pastor should preach the word and how members can know they are hearing God speak through this deliver of the word.  In the third and last part of the book Leeman looks at how the local church sings the word, prays the word, and disciples with the word.  In the last chapter he looks again at evangelism and how the word scatters the church so that it can gather the church.


This book has a much needed theology of the word for the church today. The content is so great and to make it better it is presented in an easy to consume way, this is a book that doesn’t require a huge amount of former knowledge on this subject.  I will recommend this book to younger and older Christians alike.  This book will also be helpful to pastors who need this foundation to build there preaching methods upon.  As a member of a Southern Baptist Association church it is exciting to see such a helpful book coming from the pen of another Southern Baptist, but don’t let that comment confuse you, this is a book for the church and any who know English I’m convinced would benefit from it.


Publisher: Moody Publishing



Boards: Paperback

Binding: Glue

Scripture Index: No

Subject Index: No

Persons Index: No

Recommended Reading List: Yes given at the end of each chapter corresponding

Buy at WTS Books: $9.95

This book was given to me free of cost as part of a review program by Moody Publishers. I was not required to write a positive review only to give my honest opinion concerning the book.

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If God is Good… Faith in the Midst of Suffering and Evil by Randy Alcorn

This is a book that should be read before you experience great suffering in your life if you have the opportunity. This is a read that will prepare you to suffer when inevitably you face some trials that all of us do. Randy Alcorn has provided a helpful book that will speak to a wide audience. In one sense it speaks to all because almost everyone will experience some leveling of suffering and this book deals with that issue, but those who will be most interested are Christians and those who are doubting there is a God because of evil and suffering in the world. A great help in the book is that Alcorn does the service of both answering the skeptic and growing the Christian comforting or preparing him for suffering.

The book has some very difficult concepts in it but is written in a way that any motivated reader can understand. The book has many stories of the authors own life and many others who have suffered, these stories mixed in with biblical teaching really allow one to keep a steady pace in reading this nearly 500 page book. At many times the stories may bring you to tears. Although I haven’t ready any Randy Alcon novels you can tell he is a talented writer in that style as well. While the stories make for a good read the real help of the book is in my opinion the strong emphasis on understanding suffering and evil through the gospel of Jesus Christ and the sovereignty of God. Although you may not agree with every nuance of Alcorn’s view of sovereignty of God and free will, his approach is balanced and helpful for understanding the issue of suffering. Knowing that God is in control even over our suffering is key to coming to grips with it.

One difficulty with the book may be its length for some. Although this is hard to change considering the subject being covered. Also I’m sure as I did some will have some minor differences of views with some of his thought especially in regard to God’s sovereignty and man’s free will. Overall this is a very helpful resource that many would benefit from, but don’t wait until you suffer to read this prepare yourself for what will happen in your life whatever it may be.

Publisher: WaterBrook Multnomah
Year: 2010
Pages: 512
Boards: Hardback
Binding: Smyth Sewn
Dust Cover: Yes
Scripture Index: Yes
Topical Index: Yes
Bibliography: No

(This book was given to me by WaterBrook Multnohma Publishing for review, I was not required to give a positive review)

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