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Please pray for this ministry and consider helping if you are bi-lingual.  Watch the promo here.




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I have recently been looking around online for good christian resources translated into foreign languages.  I have been looking hard for Russian translations because I spent the majority of the summer there this past summer on a project with Campus Crusade for Christ.  The trip helped in my growing heart for Russians.  I know a very important part of my spiritual growth has come from reading good christian litature so I am going to post some of the translations I have found so far and possibly start a new sidebar with links to internation resources.  Please comment with links and places where solid christian litature can be obtained.  I have mostly Russian resources but my Cam can round up some Spanish resources because that is his speacialty.

Gospel Translations – This ministry has partnered with such publishers as Desiring God ministries, Sovereign Grace Min., 9 Marks min., and Ligoneer to produce translations of Gospel Centered material.  They are looking for help from those who can translate material.  Please pray for this ministry.

Desiring God Resources in Russian – russian translations of John Piper

1689 2nd London Baptist Confession in Russian

Russian booklets – Chapel Library Catalog ministry of Mount Zion Bible Church

Gospel Litature International – has some great books by authors like R.C. Sproul

Monergism’s Chinese Bookstore

9 Marks Translation page – great ministry

Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood multi-lingual resources

Answers In Genesis – Tranlated Material

Biblical Spirtuality – Donald Whitney

Please pray that a continuing amount of sound christian litature will be translated for many to read.  Please pray about using your ability to translate to work with some of these ministries to help them.

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