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Albert Mohler post on David McCullough address at the 2003 Jefferson Lecture.  If you have a love for History and Reading check it out.

Mohlers Post

Jefferson Lecture Text/Audio

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I came across an article today on Desiring God.  John Piper is talking about translations of the Bible and points out why his church (Bethlehem Baptist Church) uses the ESV over other translations.  It is very important that we and more importantly our preachers are using a literal translation of the Bible.   Piper explains that well in this statement: “A more literal translation gives preachers more confidence that they can preach what the English text says with authority that it reflects what the original Greek or Hebrew text says.”  An important issue and and interesting article, check it out here.  For another short article written on this subject click here.

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Christmas In Space

Apollo 8 Christmas

I found this tonight, I thought it was pretty awesome how in God’s providence his word is being read to many people from outerspace.  This is audio of the Apollo 8 crew reading from Genesis on Christmas eve in 1968.  What a cool video/audio.

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