Is the devil at work here in 2014? Do Christians need to be on guard against the devils schemes?  The answer to these questions is a resounding yes in the new book by Brian Borgman and Rob Ventura. In this new and highly praised book the authors approach questions of spiritual warfare as the title suggest in a biblical and balanced perspective.  The authors show the real and present danger of the Devil and his demons without sensationalizing the topic.  In fact the book constantly points us to Christ and his person and work for us, not speculating on abstract ideas about the devil.  I believe this book is a great introduction on the subject as it comes in at just 124 pages it is very accessible to a wide audience.  It is a 124 pages of reading well worth ones time.

If you are looking for a lot of answers to questions about the devil and demons and want to speculate on a wide variety of questions this is not your book.  You will find in this book though biblical principles to fighting the devil and standing against him as a Christian in your daily life.  The book is essentially an exposition of Ephesians 6:10-20.  The book works through each piece of the armor we are to wear and the sword we are to wield.  Each piece is describe and what it would of looked like on soldiers in the time period and how it is a metaphor for spiritual warfare.  The books greatest strength I believe is that it constantly points us to Christ and our union with him throughout the description of how to use the armor.  The book does contain 3 appendixes than do answer some question not addressed specifically in Ephesians 6.

The book finishes by showing how all of the armor of God is to be used through prayer.  This is a powerful chapter showing the importance of prayer in the believers life.

A quote to wet your appetite to read this book comes from page 86 “ Corporate worship is not just a time to express emotion or to practice our singing; it is a time for warfare.  When we sing God’s truth, when we sing Scripture, we are wielding the sword of the Spirit in a mighty way in worship and praise.”

I really had no issues with the book and would recommend it to anyone interested in this subject.  Also I would recommend listening to the authors interviewed on the Confessing Baptist Podcast Interview #40

Year: 2014

Publisher: Reformation Heritage Books

Pages: 124

Boards: Paperback

Binding: Glue

Scripture Index: No

Subject Index: No

Person Index: No

Footnotes or Endnotes: Footnotes

Forward: Steven J. Lawson

Endorsements By: Voddie Baucham Jr., Thomas R. Schreiner, Peter O’Brien (note that on wtsbooks.com there are more endorsements given that are not on the hardcopy of book by Carl Trueman, Stanley Gale, Bruce Ware, Bruce Ray, Joel Beeke, Paul Washer, Phil Johnson, David Murray, and Al Martin)

Buy Here: WTSbooks $ 9.75

I received a free review copy of this book from Reformation Heritage Books and was not required to give a positive review.

1689 Federalism

This video is a well made introduction to recovering the particular baptist view of covenant theology.


Book Alert: The Kingdom of God: A Baptist Expression of Covenant and Biblical Theology

Pre-order Jeff Johnson’s forthcoming book on covenant theology and get 40-50% off.

Dr. Kim Riddlebarger has been doing an academy series on Two Kingdom theology at Christ Reformed church called In The Land of Nod.  In the first lecture he gives recommended reading on the subject.  I thought it would be helpful to post those books in a list with links.  You can listen to his comments on the books starting at 1:03:58 in the first lecture which is helpful because he doesn’t agree with all of these or recommend them equally.

Theonomy in Christian Ethics by Greg Bahnsen

Christ and culture revisited by D.A. Carson

Was America Founded as A Christian Nation: A Historical Introduction by John Fea

The Contested Public Square: The Crisis of Christianity and Politics by Greg Foster

The Religious Beliefs of Americas Founders by Greg Frazer

In Search of The City on A Hill by Richard Gamble

The War for Righteousness by Richard Gamble

Separation of Church and State by Philip Hamburg

The Democratization of American Christianity by Nathan Hatch

A Secular Faith by Darryl Hart

To Change The World by James Davidson Hunter (Dr. Riddlebarger says it is most important on the list)

God of Liberty: Religious History of The American Revolution by Thomas Kidd

Lectures on Calvinism by Abraham Kuyper

Christ and Culture by Richard Niebuhr

From Irenaeus to Grotius by Oliver and Joan O’Donovan

Living in God’s Two Kingdoms by David VanDrunen

Natural Law and The Two Kingdoms by David VanDrunen


Creation Regained by Albert Wolters

The Politics of Jesus by John Yoder

“Nature can afford no balsam fit for soul cure. Healing from duty, and not from Christ is the most desperate disease. Poor, ragged nature, with all its highest improvements, can never spin a garment fine enough (without spot) to cover the souls nakedness. Nothing can fit the soul for that use but Christ’s perfect righteousness.” Thomas Wilcox from honey out of the rock

Two new episodes have been posted of The Narrow Mind! http://podcast.unchainedradio.com/

Mark Dever with 9marks ministries recently interviewed G.K. Beale.  You can listen to the interview here.  Towards the beginning Dever ask him about several books and I thought it may be helpful to have a list of those books with links to them.  The list should include almost all of the books that either Beale or Dever said where worth looking at. Listen to the interview to hear Beale’s comments on each volume.

1. Gheerhardus Vos: Pauline Eschatology

2. Gheerhardus Vos: Biblical Theology

3. Edmund Clowney: Preaching and Biblical Theology, and Preaching Christ in All of Scripture

4. D.A. Carson and Douglas Moo: Intro to the N.T.

5. George Eldon Ladd: A Theology of the N.T.

6 George Eldon Ladd: The Presence of The Future

7.Herman Ridderbos: Paul: An Outline of His Theology

8. Graeme Goldsworthy: Gospel and Kingdom, Preaching The Whole Bible as Christian Scripture, and According to Plan

9. Eugene Merrill: Kingdom of Priest

10.Willem Vangemeran: The Progress of Redemption

11.Vern Poythress: The Shadow of Christ in The Law of Moses

12.N.T. Wright: The Climax of The Covenant, The New Testament and The People of God, Jesus and the Victory of God, and The Resurrection of The Son of God

13. John Sailhamer: Intro to OT Theology, and The Meaning of The Pentatuch

14. Raymond Ortlund: God’s Unfaithful Wife

15. Sidney Greidanus: Preaching Christ From The OT, and The Modern Preacher and The Ancient Text

16. Vaughn Roberts: God’s Big Picture

17. Charles Scobie: The Ways of Our God

18. I. Howard Marshall: New Testament Theology

19. Frank Theilman: Theology of the N.T.

20. Allen P. Ross: Recalling the Hope of Glory, and Creation and Blessing

21. Christopher Wright: The Mission of God

22. Dennis Johnson: Him We Proclaim

23. Bruce Waltke: An O.T. Theology

24. Thomas Schreiner: N.T. Theology

25. Andreas Koestenberger: The Cradle, The Cross, and The Crown

26. Jim Hamilton: God’s Glory in Salvation Through Judgement

See also G.K. Beale’s Books and Mark Dever’s Books


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